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Breaking Free? Ch. 5
Her brow furrows as she moves along the rocky path to the cave, going as quickly as she can, a feeling in her gut telling her that she needs to rush. Careful now. Don’t want to trip…. Nonetheless, her heart starts pounding as she gets closer, fear starting to tickle the back of her mind. Things were very still and quiet.
She turns the bend, unsettled by the quiet and the stone guardian at the door. “What is it?” she asks, worried, her heart hammering against her chest. “Is something wrong?” What a foolish thing to ask!
The guardian puts a reassuring hand on her shoulder, squeezing very gently. He leads her deeper into the cave, several other guardians at work around, cleaning the empty cave up now.
Her eyes go wide and she weaves where she is, relief and dread hitting her at the same time. “Where is he?” her voice is soft, shaking some, her gaze turning to the guardian for support and structure.
Instead of answering, the gua
:icondragonia27:Dragonia27 1 3
Breaking Free? Ch. 4
The sounds of the feast drift out over the night and his booted feet take him away from the main feast. After a moment, he pauses on the veranda, taking a moment to simply breathe. His gaze wanders around, drifting over the gardens, the stars then the balcony. With a heavy sigh, the old king lifts his eyepatch and rubs his empty eye socket.
A soft laugh reaches his ears. “You used to love feasts,” the very warm, gentle voice of his wife brushed his ears. Her fingers very lightly trace his beard, tugging it gently to make him turn his head toward her. “Has my husband become so weary of feasting that he needs a nap like an old man?” she asked softly, warmly, a bit of a tease in her voice.
He looks at her with his remaining eye, laughing softly, wrapping his right arm around her waist and pulling her close. “Feasts are for the young,” he tells her lovingly, leaning his head and resting his forehead against hers.
“Then we should get going,” s
:icondragonia27:Dragonia27 1 3
Mature content
Breaking Free? Ch. 3 :icondragonia27:Dragonia27 1 4
New Fashion Accessory by Dragonia27 New Fashion Accessory :icondragonia27:Dragonia27 0 14
Breaking free? Ch. 2
The stars glitter through the sky, some of the collections of them stretching off as far as the eye could see, like fine gems against a black fabric. His ginger and gold tinged hair frames his face, well washed and cared for, the scented oils making it healthy and shiny. Or so he’d been told. Honestly? He just had been trusting what the others said for so long, it seemed comforting and a good idea to keep doing it. Besides, he liked the way it smelled.
A soft knock at the door to his room made him turn and head inside, going past the sheer, dark blue curtains and into the room proper.
“Yes?” he asks as he comes closer, his voice warm and rich. He smiles as he opens the door, seeing a brunette with her hair piled high, pinned and braided then tumbling down in dark rivers. “You look beautiful,” he tells her, reaching and caressing her jaw with the backs of his fingers.
She smiles, leaning into his touch. “I don’t know what possessed you to do thi
:icondragonia27:Dragonia27 1 2
Breaking free?
The earth thrums around him. His legs are weak and heavy. Come to think of it, his arms aren’t much better. The manacles had pressed into his wrists and ankles for so long, he can still feel them.
Probably would be able to for a long time. If he was honest with himself.
Very slowly, a glimmer of his old smirk forms.
It is so damn over-rated.
A cough escapes him, wracking his body, sending shooting pains through his skull, ravaging his throat and lungs.
Breathing. Breathing is over-rated.
Sinking slowly to the floor of the cave, the familiar smells of the damp earth, singed hair and skin mix with the smell of rock, flowers and moss. The guardian stands quiet, his whole self built like slabs of moving, living rock.
Which he probably was.
A very soft chuckle happens, rough and raspy. Gods, the lack of water makes his lips so cracked and sore…well, alright…everything is sore. Even his heart…
Shoulders slump then and eyes close
:icondragonia27:Dragonia27 2 3
Sausage, please? by Dragonia27 Sausage, please? :icondragonia27:Dragonia27 3 3
Mature content
Zeke's Story, Chapter 13 :icondragonia27:Dragonia27 1 4
At the Vet by Dragonia27 At the Vet :icondragonia27:Dragonia27 2 2 Don't Disturb the King by Dragonia27 Don't Disturb the King :icondragonia27:Dragonia27 2 8 Trouble, June 14, 2015 by Dragonia27 Trouble, June 14, 2015 :icondragonia27:Dragonia27 1 0
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A Harpy's Tale, Chapter 10 :icondragonia27:Dragonia27 1 0
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A Harpy's Tale, Chapter 9 :icondragonia27:Dragonia27 1 5
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Zeke's Story, Chapter 12 :icondragonia27:Dragonia27 1 3
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Loop de Loop, Part 2 :icondragonia27:Dragonia27 3 15
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Loop de Loop, Part 1 :icondragonia27:Dragonia27 4 5


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by Mavrosh

I like many things about this piece. The pose is the first thing. It highlights his musculature and gives the idea that he is looking u...

There are so many things right about this picture. I like the different colours incorporated in it. The writing on the bottles is clear...

There is so much I love about this work that I find it hard to begin. So many elements flow together to create this awesome work. I lov...

This picture makes me smile right from the start. I enjoy looking at it and have favourtied it because I know that it will make me smil...



Writer to the core
United States
I am a writer, through and through. I love that I can create something with words and have it be entertaining and meaningful in some way. Feel free to ask about a story written just for you if you like what you read.

Other than that, I'm a mom with two kids (occasionally three). My life is crazy....:)
A quick, brief well wishes to all of you, my friends and watchers, to have a happy Autumn Equinox! (If you live in the Northern Hemisphere. Is is Spring Equinox for people in the Southern Hemisphere? Or do you guys still call it Autumn?)

Mabon, as the holiday is called for most pagans, is a time to celebrate change, focus on the home, family and friends.

What are you guys going to be doing, if anything, to celebrate the equinox? Would you share your thoughts on the coming season?

All my loves, well wishes and hopes for you all!

~D :blackrose:

In addition, to celebrate the parts of Equinox, I'm going to be adding pictures all through the day that, for me, symbolize what the holiday is about. Feel free to share any pictures/works you guys want that have meaning for you for today.


Snakes by Mavrosh Ylang Ylang by Mavrosh Pickin' Up Chicks by Saimain Genesis and Minerva by Insant Final Fantasy VII - Sephiroth in Flames by RobinTran ff7: Genesis Rhapsodos by MathiaArkoniel The Execution of All Things by AshleyCope Dire Sephiroth by firstkiralight Kuroshitsuji : Nothing Important Happened Today by kuro-mai Kuroshitsuji : A journey through time. by kuro-mai Kuroshitsuji : Home Sweet Home by kuro-mai Shattered by dylazuna My Mom Made Me Take This Class by PhotosByDolph The blue II by RemusSirion Andy Biersack by laurabvb97 back by ErinBird <da:thumb id="442923501"/> Come on you guys by Dewfooter ultimatus by AestheticViolence A sweet scent of Autumn by iNeedChemicalX Icarus by SinistrosePhosphate Manipulator of Time by SinistrosePhosphate Memento Mori by K-Koji In your hands by sayuuhiro C: Doralion by MissNovemberRain What lies beneath by tatiilange The Temple of Melkor by EKukanova [327] Kiss of the Cosmos by mcptato Loki and Hel by LessienMoonstar Leviathan by sandara

Family, home and friends:

First Footing by dylazuna Fairy Tales by dylazuna The Pizza Stick Up by dylazuna  Mavrangle by Mavrosh Father And Son by Mavrosh Something For My Lady by Mavrosh The Fearons by Pandaphobia Father by wlop

Mature Content

Keep Calm Dark Cookies Meme by Sings-With-Spirits
Loki and Sigyn by LessienMoonstar LOKI's FAMILY by LadyNorthstar  Raising Peter by briannacherrygarcia Let Me Love You by Khalliysgraphy AvP: Run Lex Run by carrinth Melkor and Sauron by LiBottiche Qui-Gon Collage 2 by enednoviel Nagini love by 0theghost0 O RLY?? by Isle-of-Indecsison Guldan Grimace by aokamidu Deadpool Ponyplay by FlyQueen The King by WisesnailArt Jack Sparrow (drawing) by Quelchii Forget-me-nots by Aegileif Uncle Snape by CaptBexx Hot Chocolate by CaptBexx Obi-Wan by Aegileif Kylo Ren by dleoblack #7 Felix Felicis by Picolo-kun Loki - Do not disturb... by Quelchii Kili by x-Celebril-x Lion Daddy by DolphyDolphiana Let's Play Dress-Up! by SmashingRenders Tom Hiddleston (drawing) by Quelchii The Hobbit: Daddy! Part Two: Real Artist by wolfanita Playground Punk by girltripped Thorin Oakenshield and Kili by Ilojleen I am a gamer by TheFunnyAmerican Father loves you by NaSyu #237 Heart of Atlantis by Picolo-kun Hagrid's Home for Magical Creatures by annamariajung Sometimes even Love hurts by goldenrod1034 At Malfoy Manor by goldenrod1034 Babysitting by CaptBexx Once upon time in Asgard by jiuge the light before we land by sandara Republic Entertainment by Quarter-Virus Fatherhood by Quarter-Virus Busy Dad by Quarter-Virus Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves by Quarter-Virus The Scoundrel and the Princess by SvenjaLiv The Addams' Kiss by tajfu Merida by Kessira26 Cloud Strife - with black hair 2 by Cloudochan 4 Days Sewing Result by Siobhan68 Flying kitty by Svenimal Aristocracy is Back ! by Carancerth

Okay, so the rest of the family pics made this carry over another day. XD If you guys don't see one of your photos up here, don't feel bad, please. I have a hard time finding them all because they're scattered through all of my faves. I put all these characters up here because they are part of my heart family. They help me thought my hard times and I will be forever grateful to them. Also, there are pictures of what my idea of family is.

Thank you for looking and show the artists some love!
~D :blackrose:


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