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Kissed By Moonlight by Mavrosh
by Mavrosh

I like many things about this piece. The pose is the first thing. It highlights his musculature and gives the idea that he is looking u...

All I need by Adelmoed

There are so many things right about this picture. I like the different colours incorporated in it. The writing on the bottles is clear...

Thank you for Smoking by AdamMidd

There is so much I love about this work that I find it hard to begin. So many elements flow together to create this awesome work. I lov...

Up In The Sky by FP-Digital-Art

This picture makes me smile right from the start. I enjoy looking at it and have favourtied it because I know that it will make me smil...



Writer to the core
United States
I am a writer, through and through. I love that I can create something with words and have it be entertaining and meaningful in some way. Feel free to ask about a story written just for you if you like what you read.

Other than that, I'm a mom with two kids (occasionally three). My life is crazy....:)
EDIT: Thanks for all the faves and comments on this one! :hug: to you all!

Hey guys! :iconsayhiplz:

With Valentine's Day being close, I'm gonna put a call out to you guys to see if there's a story from this time of year that stands out to you. 

Here's the thing:

For me, Valentine's Day isn't only about romantic love.  It is about love in general.  The love between friends, a human and an animal, parent and child, siblings... you get the idea. XD 

For Example:
:bulletpurple: Last night I was happily going about my business, the rest of the world going comfortably to sleep.  The kids were all in bed, the dog was walked and the chores done for the day.  Then I glanced around the dining room and saw my son's unfinished valentines.
Me: :happybounce: then *blink, blink* ... :facepalm: I grabbed the valentines and the candy and made them up so that they were ready for him to take to school for his party today.

:bulletpurple: Homer, my lovely doggie, is about 80 pounds of love.  He's big and furry and all sorts of cuddly.
                                             Homer 9-30 by Dragonia27  My dog, Homer by Dragonia27

After everything that's happened this past year, he's moved his bed to be next to my computer desk and insists on sleeping there. :heart:  And there are the times that he thinks he's a lap dog. :giggle:

Also, you guys are truly awesome.  Please, never forget that. 
                                                                  EnoughYou are enough.
There are some of you I don't know very well, some I know very well and even some that I don't know at all.  No matter how well I know you, I know one thing about you.
You are enough.
You.  Perfect.  Wonderful, beautiful you.  You were created to be exactly the way you are because the way you are is the way that you need to be at this point in your life.
No one else in this world will ever say the things you say, in the way that you say them.  No one else will do the things you do, in the way that you do them.
You are smart enough.
You are strong enough.
You are beautiful enough.
You are kind enough.
You are irreplaceable.
You do enough.
Everything you do, everything you are, is perfect for you.
Yes, there will be things that didn't go so well at first.  But remember you are enough.  Through the hard times, through the easy times, you are enough.
You are enough.

Time for some love for you guys!

Tseng by K-Koji  MountainsMountains
By: Albedosreqium / Soyna
Setting:Crisis Core Gameish.
Rating, Genre and Warnings: T.  Angst and Humour all rolled into one.   Papa Angeal....  
Characters: Angeal, Genesis and Sephiroth
Disclaimer: All related Final Fantasy names and characters are copyrighted by the almighty Square Enix©.  I do not profit from this endeavour.  
Summary and Additional Information:
The three Elite SOLDIERs go on vacation in the mountains and have a good time.
Angeal admired the sun setting behind the mountains as he pulled out the camera to take a few more pictures of the scenery.  He already had a whole bunch of the day, but this was even more spectacular.   It was a calming time of day.  The animals were quieting down for a night's sleep where as the night creatures were not out yet to fill the void that was left behind.
It was a perfect d
Ring CP.01 by Disasterpiecer Sephiroth lineart by morikun-rinari  Jack Sparrow - Cross Stitch by shingorengeki Cookie Cat astrophe by sunstroke-art Tseng Consequences by SekseeDragoness an ode to king arthurArthur.
King Arthur.
You lived once
(or did you? Historians are unsure but -
let us assume you did.)
I am fascinated by you.
Not the legends, but you, the Arthur that was.
The Arthur that wrote his name on England's soil,
its roots, its heart, and disappeared into
shadow, pulling cloths of darkness around you
leaving a burning after-image of your light
that flashes still on our eyelids.
516 A.D.
Or 518.
Ancient Britain.
You won a battle on Mount Badon
and for forty years after a torn apart Britain knew peace
and the world speaks of you still.
Who were you, Arthur? We know so little,
it was so long ago.
But you, Arthur, you held back the Saxons
the tide of invasion;
you held power in a little rainy island that contained the crumbling
aftertaste of Rome and the wild and ancient passion of the Celts
and the ever encroaching newcomers
from across the seas, with their weapons,
their boats -
and for whatever reason
you were remembered.
Out of all the chieftains, of all the thousands of warri
Hanake Siblings 2012 by BeforeTheMomentGirl Koi by annarowlye  Captain Connor Kenway by SavageAnemone Seraph Awakened by AiRen-SC Icy tree by QuietWatcher Cafe Life by dylazuna Kahylinn by Aremez Snowy Day by Mochiyoru A Demon's FateI sat perched on a bench in the subway station, watching a digital billboard flash up with a trailer for the new film 'A Demon's Fate'. My arms were folded, and I glanced at my watch, it seemed a human thing to do. Still several minutes to go... I turned back to the billboard, amused.
"I don't want to be a part of this sin..." a woman screamed, before it flashed forward to another scene "Fallen from grace, the Archangel Lucifer has become one of the most feared and well-known of the Archangels... Satan" I stifled a laugh with a cough, catching glances from the people beside me. Lucifer... Satan? Those human fools! Firstly, getting in my way and now they couldn't even get their facts straight. Satan indeed was a fallen Archangel- he had been the right hand of God, and all but the ruler of the angels- but his anger and devious nature got him thrown from the Higher Realm into the Lower Kingdom. Where I roamed. He escaped from my prison- inescapable until that moment, and now it was my job
                    ..Are supposed to help you…
  …aren’t black feathers….
                                          …the color of death…
                                                               …the amount of sin…
             ….The times they didn’t come…
Nimue by Erulian Butterfly 3 by chess411 From AB 2013 by spectacularsam 1 Poppy by theshaver Afzal by Kessira26 Mask II by RemusSirion Icarus by SinistrosePhosphate HDR artistico2 by perridan Gri by SandraWhite Nightmares    Angeal always said I never took anything seriously; always never paying attention to anything long enough to actually know what was going on. He said I had the attention span of a puppy, being so easily distracted by little things. Sometimes, I think it's a good thing to have, but recently it's been nothing but a damn curse.
    I looked up from my corner in the cell. Cloud leaned against the cell bars on the other side of the cell. They had separated us a while after we'd attempted to escape, putting up cell bars to divide us. It wasn't pretty.
    I limped over to the cell bars, collapsing to the floor near it. I rested my head against the cool bars, trying to stop my head from spinning. Cloud was resting, back against the wall. His knees were pulled up against his chest. His blonde hair was limp and dusted with dirt, resting against his face with his head bowed. Eyes glowed as a result from all the experiments Hojo did o
Faded Splendour by ShadowHaloedAngel Grave Cat by Reighnard Happy Valentine's day everyone by SailorSunPhoenix Arrival at Seyda Neen by Tamie-Lee Living Tomb by Cherokee-Rose Tink a Reno by Erro-meatbun <da:thumb id="510542112"/> the awakening by AestheticViolence Stay positive... by 94Namco you WIN or you DIE by HowlingWinter A Quiet Moment by Admin-of-Death New Haircut by Siobhan68 Christmasy Bastet by KiyiyaHowlingWolf Hollow by HiddenLions Spiritual place by Adelmoed comm: Antimonesia by itaXita Different Pulse by Relyo Creatia Weatherly, the Tech Mage by LightSide-Lotus The Time of Joy by Dkelley Loyal Companion by The-TimeRunner LoveLove, a hideous emotion,
cradle of purity unborn
secret desire of devotion,
the rising of a soul's morn.
Love, a soul's fortress,
meteoric thirst for joy,
on your lips a caress
as if life was a toy.
Love, an ivory shield,
a cause worth dying for,
a need for you to yield
your heart evermore.
<da:thumb id="441989956"/> Devious Me by cozacat Qasurriq and Yuned'rar at the cantina (commission) by Daxtered Magic on the water by Nevaeh2076 Aseptic Void - Observing the Sea (2008) by AsepticVoid Little *^* by darkmelody268

So the thing with these:

Yeah, I know that some of the works are older ones from you guys, sometimes many years old.  However, each one of these works made me smile.  I picked works that I had no vested interest in.  What I mean by that is that I chose works that I had done no writings for, not given any suggestions on or anything like that.  There is one work for every one of my watchers.  If, by some strange accident, I missed someone: I am so, so sorry! Send me a note and let me know and I'll fix it quickly.

Thank you, all of you, for producing such wonderful works, characters and ideas.  Please, keep creating!
:heart: :blackrose:

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