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Kissed By Moonlight by Mavrosh
by Mavrosh

I like many things about this piece. The pose is the first thing. It highlights his musculature and gives the idea that he is looking u...

All I need by Adelmoed

There are so many things right about this picture. I like the different colours incorporated in it. The writing on the bottles is clear...

Thank you for Smoking by AdamMidd

There is so much I love about this work that I find it hard to begin. So many elements flow together to create this awesome work. I lov...

Up In The Sky by FP-Digital-Art

This picture makes me smile right from the start. I enjoy looking at it and have favourtied it because I know that it will make me smil...



Writer to the core
United States
I am a writer, through and through. I love that I can create something with words and have it be entertaining and meaningful in some way. Feel free to ask about a story written just for you if you like what you read.

Other than that, I'm a mom with two kids. My life is crazy....:)
Alright.  I admit it.  These are like plotbunnies!  Once I wrote one, others started forming. XD  I used the same questions that :iconherradurra1: and :iconmakoheadrush: used. 

i. What does he/she smell like: *raises an eyebrow* Clean. *stands tall* How else should I smell?--Tseng smells like clean linen, fresh paper and tea.

ii. How does he/she sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc.): He sleeps deeply, falling asleep nearly anywhere, in any position.  He does not have a set schedule other than 'after the Sir is asleep' and 'wake up before the Sir is awake'.

iii. What music does he/she enjoy:  *pauses, looking thoughtful* Birdsong. *goes back to what he was doing*

iv. How much time does he/she spend getting ready every morning: *sighs and looks up again* "Twenty-five minutes, thirty-eight seconds.  I tend to my hair and body, taking a shower in water warm, then scalding, then cool.  I use an all natural soap and shampoo to minimize the drying out of my skin and hair.  Yes, I exfoliate.  No, I do not use most modern medicines or over hyped medical 'miracles' claiming to prolong one's youth and beauty." *tone growing cold* "And if you must know, I do my exercises in the nude because clothing often interferes with one's range of motion." *stares at me for a moment and then goes back to his work*

*sighs* "You're still here." *not looking up but not continuing with his work either*

v. Their favorite thing to collect: *closes his eyes, deep breath in and out* *body relaxed* "I used to collect chocobo things." *voice soft* "But I no longer collect anything many people would consider normal." *brings his head up to look at me* "Before you even ask, no, I will not tell you."
vi. Their religion (if any):  *looks at me* "Since we are being unwaveringly blunt with each other," *hits several keys on his keyboard, shutting down the surveillance system in the room* *sits down in his desk chair, watching me carefully* "What I am about to say, and for the rest of this conversation, will not leave this room.  Am I clear?" *I nod* *he watches me closely, his eyes boring straight through me* *narrows them and then nods* "I have no religious beliefs.  As far as I am concerned, the gods of the world are little more than SOLDIERS created by the ShinRa corporation.  Sephiroth has the same amount of power as they do, more if you consider how easy he can eliminate a Summon.  From what I understand, he and Genesis nearly killed the lord of their kind." *he blinks slowly* "That does not inspire me to believe that they are more supreme than any other creature in the universe."  *looks at his hands for a moment* "My guiding philosophy is what I live by, and that is that the ShinRa family survive and flourish at all costs, either to myself or the world around me.  I live to serve them in as much that they give me a purpose for living." *brings his gaze back up* "-That- is my religion.  The happiness and well-being of the ShinRa family above all else."

vii. Their favorite tourist things to do when travelling:  "I like to sit places and watch people." *thoughtful pause* "Though Elena would say that I love to shop since I spend much of my time in stores." *eyes spark* "What people buy, say and how they move provides a wealth of insight into their character."

viii. Their favorite kind of weather:   "Night.  It is easier for me to accomplish what I must.  Though, if I must pick another type, I prefer a mid-spring day, with a light breeze to move the grass on the plains and cause the clouds to drift overhead.  It is not too hot nor cold."

xi. A weird // obscure fear // insecurity they have:  *narrows his eyes, watching me closely* "That Sir is unable to have children due to the Geostigma." *lowers his gaze to his hands again* "And that one day, even the ShinRa family will not be enough."

Commisson-Tseng and Mom by Nardhwen Off the Clock ver2 by Binny-Bin Tseng by K-Koji FFVII - Black or White by dnatio Turk Lineup by EXP1BDS

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Writing Angel by LeoNeal
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Siobhan68 Apr 3, 2014  Professional General Artist
Hello my dear!
Here is a little gift for you... Maurice And Larna by Siobhan68

I hope my take on them is ok for you. I especially love Maurice and find him very attractive!

Enjoy and thanks for being here!
:icondragonia27: you!!!!:icondragonglomp:
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