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Writer to the core
United States
I am a writer, through and through. I love that I can create something with words and have it be entertaining and meaningful in some way. Feel free to ask about a story written just for you if you like what you read.

Other than that, I'm a mom with two kids. My life is crazy....:)
Alright.  I admit it.  These are like plotbunnies!  Once I wrote one, others started forming. XD So here's one for my favourite demon in the Final Fantasy games.  I used the same questions that :iconherradurra1: and :iconmakoheadrush: used. 

i. What does he/she smell like: A long time ago, he smelled like the crisp autumn leaves and the mists of twilight.  Now he smells mostly like Vincent Valentine.  It annoys him a little but he puts up with it.

ii. How does he/she sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc.): *eyes narrowing* "For thirty years I slept in a coffin," *growled softly* "I think I've slept enough."  He prefers to sleep sprawled out over whatever place he's sleeping on, taking up as much space as possible.  He does snore on occasion.  Chaos, due to his wings, will typically also sleep on his belly.  He tends to sleep after melding with Vincent for long periods of a time or after long stints of physical activity. (He slept soundly, inside Vincent for nearly two days solid after flying from the Ancient City to Edge.)

iii. What music does he/she enjoy:  Drums, specifically Japanese Taiko style drumming.

iv. How much time does he/she spend getting ready every morning: *raises an eyebrow* I sit inside another person's body and watch them preen themselves.  Time is meaningless to me." *waves a hand at the other demons* "I spend nearly all my time keeping them away and watching the world through the eyes of this body.  I manifest on occasion and that takes him either reaching inside himself and grabbing me or him getting bloodied to the point he cannot take it anymore." *toothy grin* "The being bloodied takes longer."

v. Their favorite thing to collect: *blink, blink* "Souls?" *wondering what in the world the question is for.*  He lives in a void. There is nothing for him to collect.  If he starts to collect things, he will want to be around them more, which means taking more control of the body.  If he did that, he's fairly certain that there would be several people who would readily hunt him down and then it would just be a mess. collecting.
vi. Their religion (if any):  Himself...oh...and sex.  He's fond of that and considers it the closet thing he'll ever get to worshiping anything else.

vii. Their favorite tourist things to do when travelling:  Scare small children.  It did backfire when one thought he was cute and tried to keep him.  He retreated from a child and will not -ever- tell anyone about it.  As far as Vincent knows, Chaos just got tired and wanted to rest.

viii. Their favorite kind of weather: Rainy with lightning storms.  They're unpredictable, like him. 

xi. A weird // obscure fear // insecurity they have:  One day, he will suddenly have his own body again.  There will be no one else for him to share it with and the strange symbiosis that he's become grudgingly used to will disappear.  No matter how he gripes and growls to Vincent about sharing a body, he's become fond of doing so....And it helps stave off planetary destruction and all that.  Whether he'll outwardly admit it or not, Chaos has become protective of the people in Cloud's gang, as well as the Turks.  They are his.  He is the only one allowed to do any damage to them.  But if he has his own body, suddenly that is out of his control and he'll have to kill them all.  It's not something he's looking forward to.  It's one of the few things he is starting to pray never happens.

Some pics of the wonderful demon:
FF7 - Leftover Sweets by chrislea Living Tomb by Cherokee-Rose Chaos by Uber-Emo CHAOTIC by pupukachoo

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Thanks for the fave :iconpikapikaplz:
:giggle: You're welcome.
dylazuna Apr 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Guardian Angel of writers????
Writing Angel by LeoNeal
Thank you for showing me this one! :tighthug:
dylazuna Apr 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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alvaen-art Apr 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for faving Forest PREMADE STOCK by alvaen-art   :)
You're so very welcome.  Your work is beautiful and a true pleasure to see. :hug: Please keep up the good work. :)
alvaen-art Apr 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much :)
Siobhan68 Apr 3, 2014  Professional General Artist
Hello my dear!
Here is a little gift for you... Maurice And Larna by Siobhan68

I hope my take on them is ok for you. I especially love Maurice and find him very attractive!

Enjoy and thanks for being here!
:icondragonia27: you!!!!:icondragonglomp:
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